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I am Esmeralda A. Cano and I teach 7TH GRADE Texas History at our campus!

Welcome to a new year 2018-2019


Conf. Pd. 3RD pd.


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Regions of Texas Tour

Please listen and view video. Write a half a page summary and 3 pictures on the bottom. The 3 pictures have to be colored.

2nd Six Weeks Essay

Please write a one page expository essay explaining the following:
We celebrate Christopher Columbus Day on October 12 for discovering the new world, but some people are trying to change it to Native American Day.  This is due to the fact that our Native Americans were here first and this was not a new world. Please explain this issue and give your opinion of if this should change or stay the same.
Due Date
October 29, 2015

Please read novel: Something Upstairs (Read at home if not finished in the classroom)
AR test will be done on October 20, 2015 in the lab room 404