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Health Screenings

Health Screenings.
Health Screenings will be done for students of Valley View Jr High during the first few months of the school year. Screening will be done during your child’s PE class or at a designated time.
Texas State Law requires that the following screening tests be done:
                                                                    Vision, Hearing & Acanthosis Nigricans: ALL 7th Grade Students
(a velvety, thickening of the skin on neck) 
All students new to Valley View I.S.D.
In addition to the above screens, we also check student’s height, weight and vision. Make sure that your child is at school on the screening days. These screenings help us to identify possible health problems that could interfere with your child’s success at school.
Please have your child bring any prescribed glasses or contacts to school for Health screening. Your child must be screened with glasses if they were prescribed by the eye doctor.
Parents are notified if a follow-up is needed by your family physician or pediatrician.
This screening looks for hyperkeratinization of the skin appearing as dark pigmentation on certain areas of the body. This marker may indicate high insulin levels. The great thing about this screening is that through modification of eating habits and exercise, insulin levels can frequently be lowered. This marker does not mean your child has diabetes. If the child is found to have this marker, parents will be notified so that you may follow up with your physician