Valley View Jr. High

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Library Programs

2017-2018 Library Programs:
A.R. Program:
NOTE: Students need to meet the A.R. goal their Reading teachers have set for them.
* The top 3 sixth and seventh grade AR point earners per six weeks will be recognized with prizes from the A.R. display.
* The top 3 point earners for the school year earn grand prizes and trophies at the end of the year.
* Students who earn 175 points for the first semester & maintain a 4th grade level reading average will go on an A.R. field trip.
* The top A.R. class for the six weeks period will earn the traveling A.R. Champion Wreath.
A.R. Testing Policy:
VVJH students must adhere to the following guidelines in order to participate in the A.R. program.
1. Students must carefully read and understand their book to pass the 
A.R. quiz.
2. Students must turn in their book before taking an A.R. quiz.
3. Students may not review their book for answers when taking an
A.R. quiz.
4. Students may not take an A.R. quiz together.
5. Students may not share or sell their answers with fellow classmates.
6. Students are not allowed to take A.R. quizzes for other students.
7. Students must not share their A.R. passwords with fellow classmates.
8. Watching a movie/video version of a book and testing based on it
is not allowed.  
A.R. MISUSE: Students who do not adhere to the guidelines will face the following consequences:
1st offense: Removal of A.R. points for each test that was wrongfully taken.
2nd offense: Removal of all A.R. points.
3rd offense: Non-participation in the A.R. Program.
Tiger Star Reader & Super Star Reader Challenge:

Students will be rewarded based on word counts in the A.R. program. Check with Ms. Gomez for updates.  

REQUIREMENTS:  Students must maintain an 85% passing rate in the A.R. program & a 4th-grade reading level average by the deadline, April 20, 2018.
Readers Are Leaders Six Weeks Raffle: Students participating in the READERS ARE LEADERS program need to submit an A.R. Reading log to Ms. Gomez or Mrs. Galvan by the last day of the six weeks. A.R. Reading logs are available at the library. Winners will be announced at the end of each six weeks.  
Read-a-thon Fridays:  Check our NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS posts for dates and times for these events!
Accelerated Reader Certifications:  Program guidelines are posted here